Crew Chief is a team radio engineer, originally developed by Mr Belowski.  It also has a spotter with a choice of voices.

It is human-like, highly responsive, and much, much more including voice recognition, (optional) foul language and thousands of driver names.  It's free open source software - though donations are appreciated.

It works with the following games:

Game Support Level
ARCA Sim Racing Full
Assetto Corsa Full
Assetto Corsa Competizione Some features not available
Automobilista Full
Automobilista 2 Full
Copa Petrobas de Marcas Full
DiRT Rally Full
DiRT Rally 2 Full
F1 2018 Spotter Only
F1 2019 Spotter Only
F1 2020 Spotter Only
F1 2021 Spotter Only
Formula Truck Full
GTR 2 Full
iRacing Full
Project CARS Full
Project CARS 2 Full
Project CARS 3 Full
RaceRoom Racing Experience Full
rFactor Full
rFactor 2 Full
Richard Burns Rally Full
Stock Car Extreme Full

It works with Project Cars and Automobilista 2 running on Xbox and PS4 as long as they are connected to the same network.
* Some Crew Chief features are not available with Assetto Corsa Competizione
** F1 2018, F1 2019: and F1 2020 Crew Chief only provides a spotter ("Car left" / "Clear" / etc). There are no other messages so it won't refer to you by name. It's not intended to replace the built in engineer in the F1 games - it just adds the spotter


The CrewChiefV4 installer can be found via the forum. Once installed Crew Chief will offer to update itself when there is a new version but if that fails download the installer (which will be the latest version) and run it.

There is an Android version for Project Cars and Automobilista 2 on Google Play

If you're not familiar with Crew Chief, check out these videos.

Crew Chief Forum

Discord channel